Ukrainian Medical Mission                                                                          
Українська Медична Місія                                                                  
Ukrainian Medical Mission - a non-governmental organization that brings together indifferent, responsible and positively minded specialists in the field of medicine to implement medical projects of highly specialized mobile assistance to the population, to promote the implementation of medical reform in the regions, to promote innovative approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of Ukrainian patients

Board of the Ukrainian Medical Mission

Dmitry Vernigor – Chairman of the Board and founder of UMM, more informationї

Oleg Shiba – President of the First Voluntary Mobile Hospital named after Mykola Pirogov; the founder of UMM

Oksana Zhdanovа – ophthalmologist-microsurgeon of Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №8; the founder of UMM

Sergey Bakshiev – obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist, Kyiv

Olga Golubovska – head. Department of Infectious Diseases, OO Bogomolets National Medical University, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Doctor of Medicine, Professor

Vladislav Gorbovets – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Vascular Surgeon of Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 8

Svetlana Doan – Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and postgraduate education of Kyiv Medical University, MD. Professor

Ruslan Tishko – Deputy Chief Surgical Assistant at Kyiv City Clinical Hospital 18

Supervisory Board

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